Natalia Potyavina

Film and game composer based in Wiesbaden, Germany.

I write music for media: film scoring, TV, games, commercials, and more. I write electronic music and pieces for a full orchestra. In some of my recordings, you can hear me singing: I have a significant background as a vocalist and a vocal coach. But most of all, I love telling stories with music. If you have a story to tell, email me and let’s talk about it:

My works

🎞️  Trailer


A sci-fi fantasy story: a battle of Good vs. Evil in the fifth dimension.

Recorded by the European Recording Orchestra at the Doli Media Studio in Sofia in multiple sessions (strings, brass, winds).

Mood, emotions, and keywords:

⚔️ swords, 🛡️ shields, 🏰 castle, ⏳ time travel, 🌑 gloomy times, 📜 history, 🦸‍♀️👹 rivalry, 🙏 hope

ORBIS: Gate back through time

Recorded at Doli Media Studio

Supervisor: Christo Pavlov

Engineer: Vladislav Boyadjiev

Mixing: Matthew Large

Woodwinds session Conductor: Tsanislav Petkov

Flute: Tzveta Palikarova Oboe: Giulio Bossetti Clarinet: Mihail Zhivkov Bassoon: Hristo Zahariev

Strings session Conductor: Nikola Petrov

Concertmaster: Negina Stoyanova Violin I: Ani Pamukova Violin I: Aleksandar Boyadzhiev Violin I: Milica Knezevic Violin I: Zdravka Komitova Violin II: Gergana Velichkova Violin II: Kiril Minov Violin II: Rossen Kazandzhiev Violin II: Diana Koleva Viola: Stefania Yankova Viola: Anna Draganova Viola: Maria Valchanova Cello: Teodora Atanassova Cello: Petar Kushlev Cello: Nina Sokolova Double Bass: Iliyana Bencheva Double Bass: Venelin Tachev

Brass session Conductor: Tsanislav Petkov

French horn 1: Krassimir Kostadinov French horn 2: Cara Watson French horn 3: Matthew Jackson French horn 4: Encho Yanchev Trombone 1: Mincho Tomanov Trombone 2: Petar Karakashev Trombone 3: Yavor Kostov Bass Trombone: Martin Yotov

Watch the trailer: ORBIS
🎧  Music

Water Waltz

A minimalistic piano piece.

Mood, emotions, and keywords:

🎹 piano, 🌃 dreams, ☁️ clouds, 🪟 looking out of the window, 💙 peace of mind

Water Waltz
🎞️  Trailer


A re-scored version of a documentary’s trailer: a multi-part cue for a 52-piece orchestra.

Recorded by the European Recording Orchestra at the Bulgarian National Radio Studio 1 in Sofia (conducted by Derek Gleeson).

Mood, emotions, and keywords:

💨 airy, 🤩 breathtaking, 💦 splashes, 🌊 waves, 🦈 sharks, 🦀 crabs, 🚣‍♂️ boats, 🏖️ sand, 🤿 diving, 🏄‍♂️ surfing

Ocean (without voiceover)
Watch the video: Ocean (with voiceover)

Video courtesy of Thecuetube.

🛍️  Commercial / Promo


Original music to a commercial for Monochrome, an apparel brand.

Mood, emotions, and keywords:

👻 spooky, 🧙‍♂️ magic, 🌄 outdoors, 🎻 violin, 💫 fantasy, 🌳 forest, 🌕 moonlight, 🐺 werewolf

Mysterious forest
Watch the video: Hunter
🎬  Film scoring


Film score to a short film by Alexander Markin. Original title (Russian): Видик.

Vidik on IMDB

USSR, late Summer of 1991. Yura works at a factory and dreams of escaping to the United States. His son's dream is for the whole family to be together at night. They both believe their dreams will come true if a video cassette player appears in the family.

Nostalgic tune (in a “Soviet bard music” style)
Weather forecast (in a “retro Soviet TV” style)
Closing credits
Watch trailer: VHS
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